TNPSC RESULT CV II | TNPSC FOREST APPRENTICE தேர்வுக்கான சான்றிதழ் சரிபார்ப்பு அறிவிப்பு வெளியிடப்பட்டுள்ளது.

  • TNPSC RESULT CV II | TNPSC FOREST APPRENTICE தேர்வுக்கான சான்றிதழ் சரிபார்ப்பு அறிவிப்பு வெளியிடப்பட்டுள்ளது.

  • The list of Register numbers of candidates provisionally admitted to 1st phase of Certificate Verification for the post of FOREST APPRENTICE IN THE TAMIL NADU FOREST SUBORDINATE SERVICE was published in the Commission’s website on 12.04.2019 based on the results of the written examination conducted by the Commission on 09.10.2018 to 15.10.2018 FN & AN. Based on the outcome of 1st phase of Certificate Verification, the Online Applications of 10 candidates were rejected for wrong claim/ not uploading documents. It has therefore been decided to admit the candidates to the next phase of Certificate Verification in the ratio of 1:5 against the resultant vacancies. Hence, apart from the candidates who had already completed the certificate verification, the candidates with the following register numbers are hereby admitted provisionally to the certificate verification-II for the said post. They should upload the scanned copy of documents in support of the claims made in their online application from 28.05.2019 to 07.06.2019 in the e-seva centres run by TACTV. A List of designated e-seva centres is available in the Commission’s website. The details regarding the documents to be uploaded will be made available in the Commission’s website and candidates will be informed of the above fact only through SMS and e-mail. Individual communication in this regard will NOT be sent to the candidates by post. Candidates with Qualification(s) other than Forestry: 010001100 010001260 010001384 010002018 010003192 010003292 010005186 010008114 010009046 010009192 010009228 010009284 010010050 010011334 010012058 010012228 010013232 010018243 010019022 010021157 010021268 100001002 100001022 100002032 100004163 100005278 100009244 100013074 100014387 100015281 100016203 170001058 170008274 170009008 170009190 170011180 2 170013111 190001344 190002130 190002280 190003264 250001208 250001398 250004222 250009080 260002089 270001293 270003243 280001240 AND 280003187 The admission of the candidate with register number 010001260 to Certificate Verification is PROVISIONAL subject to the outcome of the PHYSICAL TEST which is to be conducted on later date.

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